Spice Market Scanners

Full description of our scanners, and how to use them.


Spice flow, identifies Smart Money transactions by analyzing various data points on each order as they hit the tape(time and sales) including the order type, order size, the speed of the order, the pattern in which the order fills, the order volume, average volume, among many more. Leaving out everything you don't want or need. Every order that Spice Flow reports to you has a high potential of being market moving.
You no longer have to dig for data or maintain complex spreadsheets. Order data is alerted to you in realtime and available at anytime, on-demand. We have also partnered in bringing Quant Data to pair with our existing flow to provide even more exchange data!
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Proprietary algorithm, that detects direct live momentum data. After running specific conditions of volatility, unusual social media activity -- it will predict very accurate positions.
REF = Referenced price at time of alert.
LONG = Bullish price action
SHORT = Bearish price action
After the AI Alert came in, the price action pushed from $294.84 -> $302.34


An option sweep is a market order that is split into various sizes to take advantage of all available contracts at the best prices currently offered across all exchanges. By doing so, the trader is “sweeping” the order book of multiple exchanges until the order is filled completely.

Here's what makes up the Algo Score.

  • The total order premium vs the days to expiration.
  • The contracts current day volume vs the open interest of a contract.
  • The order's contract quantity vs the current day's volume.
  • The total order premium.
  • The order type (Multi-exchange sweep, single exchange sweep, option block trade)
  • As well as a few other data points we can't publicly mention at the moment.
Golden sweeps are a great way to help us identify when hedge funds/market makers decide to make big bets in the market. It can be assumed that if they purchased an option two weeks or more above the current date, that they are making a swing trade. If the strike expires the same week, it is likely a day trade. It is best to treat these with some analysis of the chart, trying to discern what move they are making.
After the golden flow, the price of TSLA ran up an additional $3. Either take profit, or swing the position for a possibility of capturing more profits.


Unusual Options Activity identifies options contracts that are trading at a higher volume relative to the contract's open interest. Unusual Options can prove insight on what "smart money" is doing with large volume orders, signaling new positions and potentially a big move in the underlying Stock or ETF.
Block trades are privately negotiated futures or option trades, or combination transactions.
The next day, the price of $SNDL exploded. Unusual options are rushed, and signaling a bet against a security.


Green sweeps are stock equity purchases of more than $10M.
Price of EBAY, throughout of the rest of the intraday finished at $63.13 from a purchase price of $62.52.


Sniper option flow is a special scanner that is produced from user commands.
Data produced